School Challenge

  Distances / Start Times


Challenge your home room teacher to create a team of three and try something new! 

Represent your school in the Creek Classic Triathlon Elementary, Middle or High School Challenge  
Compete against teams within your school and school teams from the Tri City

The team of three representing your school can include athletes from different divisions; example:

swimmer from grade 4, biker from grade 2, runner from grade 5.

​Sunday April 22, 2018
Hyde Creek Recreation Centre in Port Coquitlam

Elementary Schools: Swim - 100 m / Bike - 4 km / Run - 1 km            /  8:00 AM

Middle Schools:         Swim - 200 m / Bike - 8 km / Run - 2.5 km        /  

High Schools:            Swim - 300 m / Bike - 10 km / Run - 3.5 km      /  
9:10 AM

  Date / Venue

Leigh Elementary Team - 2010 Cup Winners


Each Relay Team will get two Race Numbers and one Timing Chip. 

The Race Numbers must be worn by Biker and Runner.

The Timing Chip must be worn by Biker and it will need to be passed on to the Runner

The timing chip will be on an elastic band that needs to be places above the ankle on the out side of leg (see picture)

 NEW SITE LAYOUT; click here for map 

  Registration / Payment

       School Challenge Team Relay Registration Form       download here

                                                         Waiver Form only       download here

                                      School Package for Teachers       download here

  Race Number and Timing Chip  

See you at the race !

Deadline for registering your team - Thursday April 19, 2018.  

Registration Fee = $33 per Team ($11 per team member)       

  • In person - Drop off Registration Form and payment - cheque (payable to: TRIO Sport Events)                                                or cash at Running Room, Port Coquitlam
  • Mail - Registration Form and payment (cheque only) to: TRIO Sport Events       ​                                                                                      122-1055 Riverwood Gate, Port Coquitlam BC, V3B 8C3

We will be happy to come to your school to talk to the teams about the event and to collect registration forms and payment.

For more general information on the event please visit the Creek Classic Triathlon & Duathlon main web page.

Swim to Bike​

  • Biker waits on pool deck by female change room (see course maps page)
  • Biker wears bib number and timing chip
  • When swimmer touches the wall at finish point the biker starts WALKING to transition area (no need to tag)
  • Biker must cross the blue timing mats at the pool 
  • See Transition area regulations on triathlon's main page 

Bike to Run

  • Runner waits at the Bike/Run transition area out side the pool 
  • Runner is wearing bib number
  • When biker comes back the runner takes the timing chip from biker and places it above ankle and on the out side of leg (see picture above)


  Event / Notes

Creek Classic Triathlon & Duathlon / Elementary, Middle & High School Challenge 

Our Next Event:  Up the Creek Run 5k 10k April 6, 2019




This is a Relay Team event with three or two participants.  Either each person on your team does one leg of the race (swim, bike, run) or in the event where you only have two team members one person will be responsible for two legs of the race (typically one person swims and runs and one person bikes). 

Note: If one of the participants would like to do the race in individual category and also participate in the School Challenge relay - it is possible. The person would have to be the swimmer for the team and then continue the race as single participant.  
Please contact us to let us know that this is an option. 

Schools will earn points for each team entered based on how well they placed in the race.

The more teams your school entered the greater the chance of winning the Elementary, Middle and High School Challenge Cup. The Cup will be awarded on a yearly basis to the school with the greatest number of points. The Cup will be returned to TRIO Sport Events the following year to be defended or passed on to the next years' winning school.

For Points System table click here

Each team member must sign the waiver form (Parent / Guardian for athletes under 19 yrs of age).

The P.E. teacher from your school must sign your team's Registration Form.