Be Active, Stay Healthy, Have Fun, Win Prizes!

Welcome to our Virtual Run!

Special THANKS to Hooch from Tri-Cities Triathlon Club for helping us to set up the event!

This is a very new and difficult time for all of us. As athletes we are used to being part of a group, being out there and training hard. Apart from "being part of a group" you don't have to stop doing what you love and what keeps you in good shape physically and mentally. Being active is very important and we encourage you to keep moving and exercise as often as you can.

To give you a goal we have created this Virtual 5k Run that we hope will keep you motivated to be active.

Here are the directions on how to participate in the event:

Please respect the social distancing rules while you run.

  • It is FREE to participate;
  • Run 5k between Sunday March 29 and Saturday April 4;
  • Any 5k route is acceptable;
  • Send us your run time by filling out the Google Form below or click here for the link to the form;
  • For your chance to win draw prizes, post a picture of your run on INSTAGRAM, tag us @triosportevents and use the hashtag #triosportevents .
  • Follow us @triosportevents on social media to find out information and updates about future virtual and live events.  
  • For those who want to view and compare results from other runners, results will be posted on our Trio Sport Events Results page under Virtual Up the Creek Run    

Big THANK YOU to our draw prizessponsors:

Tri-Cities Triathlon Club, Popeyes Supplements Coquitlam, On-Running