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Solutions for Sporting Events & Fitness Testing

Some of our clients include:

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Benefits of using the IPICO Sports timing system (from
Our award winning products satisfy the demands of events of all types and sizes. IPICO Sports

technology is designed for running, mountain biking, swimming, nordic sports and other events,

including multisport races.

Accurate and Precise
IPICO Sports' revolutionary iP-X™ Dual Frequency (DF) RFID technology overcomes the limitations of Low Frequency (LF), High Frequency (HF), and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID technologies. Our technology utilizes low frequency signal together with the high-speed data-carrying ability of higher frequency RFID. This allows for successfully reading tags even in a crowd of competitors, as well as improved accuracy through fast reading times and specific reading distances.

IPICO Sports' Dual Frequency timing system allows for 99.9% accuracy.

Resistant to Interference
Dual Frequency is resistant to interference from metals (metal fencing, rebar, etc.); liquids (precipitation, sweat, etc.); and objects high in carbon content (human bodies). In contrary to competing RFID technologies operating at HF or UHF, IPICO Sports system is resistant to interference from land/mobile communications, security systems and broadcast bands.

Service fees

For service fees schedule please click here
Note: there will be $20 charge for lost or damaged chip.

Timing chip options

Multi-sport tag

Shoe tag

Bib tag (attached to bib number)

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