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What if you mixed the championship model of Formula motorsport racing with a 5k / 10k run race series? Well, you would get our brand new and exciting set of events that we have planned for 2024, the TRiO Race Series.


So, how does it work and what makes it special?


The Trio race series will consist of three races taking place next year (see below for race dates and venues). Each race will consist of the usual pleasantries of one of our events; great venues, chip timing, live results, medals, draw prizes, and an overall great time. 


What makes the Trio Race Series special is that participants will earn points in each of the races that they attend based upon placing in their respective categories. Then, after the third and final race of the series, the individual who has accumulated the most points will be crowned the 2024 TRiO Race Series Champion of their category.


What are the categories?
There will be four champions/categories in total, including an overall female and male champion in both the 5k and 10k:


  • 10k Female Champion

  • 10k Male Champion

  • 5k Female Champion

  • 5k Male Champion


Participants may choose to compete in the same distance in each of the three races to have a better chance at winning their category, or they may choose to participate in different distances in separate races. Points will be earned and applied to the category in which a participant competes in a given race.

For example, a participant may choose to run the 5k in races one and two and the 10k in race three. In this situation the participant would earn points and place separately in the in their given 5k and 10k championship category, however would earn more points in the 5k category.

How do you earn points?

In each race that a participant attends, they will earn points based upon their placing in their category. The point system has been devised in in such a way that racers who participate in a greater amount of races in a given category will automatically overtake participants that participate in less races, regardless of placing. See our points structure below:










At races 2 and 3, the points leaders in each of the four championship categories will wear a special race leader bib and will be acknowledged before the start of the race. Race leaders will also start the race at the front of the race pack. 

Tie Breakers

In the possibility that two participants have an identical points totals, several tie breakers will be in place to determine placing:

  1. Number of race participations in category - in the case of a points tie, the participant that participated more races in the category places higher.

  2. Average Placing - in the case of a points tie and race category participation tie, the participant with a higher average placing ((sum of placing in races attended) ÷ number of races attended) in the category will place higher.

  3. Lower average race time - in the case of a points tie, a race category participation tie, and an average category placing tie, the participant with the lower average race time ((sum of race times in category) ÷ number of races attended) in the category will place higher.

These tie breakers may be adjusted as required, the final tie breaker decisions will be determined by the race director. 


If you have any questions relating to the TRiO Race Series, please send an e-mail to or connect with us on our socials @triosportevents.


     TRS Race 1 - Details Coming Soon 

     TRS Race 2 - Details Coming Soon                                        

     TRS Race 3 - Details Coming Soon 


See you at the races!


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